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International Projects

Piran Mining has undertaken work on a substantial number of major projects across the globe.  A sample of this work is provided below.


Evaluation of Tenders for the Development and Production of a Underground Project


Piran Mining was engaged to undertake the underground mining tender process which included; defining the scope of works; creating a Request for Tender document for a five-year mining contract; arranging visits for interested parties to the client's project site; dealing with contractor clarifications and ultimately evaluation of the recieved tenders.​


Main Underground Haulage Level Design & Operating Philosophy Assessment

Au Project, D.R.C

Piran Mining was engaged to clearly present an updated assessment of the main haulage level requirements and justify the preferred haulage system to be installed and operated on the main haulage level.


Mine Development and Production Tender

Au Project, D.R.C

Piran Mining was commissioned to conduct a desktop open pit mine evaluation on several deposits. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the deposits could be mined and the product sold economically using conventional open pit mining methods and the clients nickel treatment process.


Mine Engineering Site Technical Support

Au Project, PNG

Piran Mining was engaged to provide technical support to the site. The objective was to provide pragmatic on site support to the mining technical team relating to ventilation, mining method assessment and mine design.


Pre Feasibility Study

Poly-Metallic Project, Manitoba, Canada

Piran Mining was engaged to provide independent advice to client on PFS for development of an open pit poly-metallic deposit.

2014-09-29 16.50.09.jpg

Preliminary Mining Assessment

Au Project, Mali

Piran Mining was commissioned by the client to undertake a Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) on a project, located in Mali, West Africa. As part of the preliminary analysis for the PFS an underground mining assessment was conducted. The purpose of undertaking this work was to provide guidance on the appropriate mining method on which the underground operation could be costed and hence designed.


Redesign of Underground Project

Cu-Au Project, Finland

Piran Mining was engaged to undertake a redesign of a Underground Project. The objective of the re design work was to focus on providing a higher grade (%Cu) ore stream, reduced production output, less waste development and define an alternative lower cost backfill philosophy, i.e. from hydraulic fill to cemented rock fill (CFR)



Au Project, Tanzania

Piran Mining was Engaged to undertake a Feasibility Study for the Underground Gold Mine


Poly-Metallic Underground Deposit

South Western Europe

Piran Mining UK was engaged to aid in technical matters.

Work currently in progress.


Mining Method Assessment

Ni Project, Brazil

Piran mining was engaged to undertake an underground mining evaluation of a large low grade project, located in Brazil.



Nevada, U.S.A

Piran Mining UK has completed work including a Feasibility Study and Contract Management work.


Due Dilligence

West Africa

A due diligence was conducted on behalf of an international client on an existing large scale / long life underground Au mine.  The due diligence covered all mining and geotechnical aspects.  Site visits were conducted to ensure seamless interaction and collaboration with the onsite owners team.  This work ultimately identified that a level of contradiction existed within the available technical data.   Further work was therefore completed to improve the understanding of these components.  The due diligence ultimately identified areas where a different mining approach could be realistically undertaken.   As such a new mine plan and schedule was completed for certain areas of the mine and the whole project was recosted and economically assessed.  


Shaft Sink Tender & Evaluation


Piran Mining provided remote and onsite support relating to the tendering and evaluation process of a 8m dia. blind shaft sink in the DRC. 

This included site visits to various shaft sinking operations in Africa, the detailed assessment of tenders and holding clarification meetings.  Piran was also engaged to manage the change management relating to shaft design modifications to enable a more efficient shaft hoist system.  The whole process from initial EOI to award was completed in record time compared to other comparable shaft sink contracts. 

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