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World Map of our Projects


Au Project

Citronen Zu


Makwa Project

Santa Rita Project


Nevada Gold Project

Au/Cu Project

M&A Project

Ni/Co Project


Undergrond Ni Project

M&A Project


Zn Project


Au Project

Au Project

M&A Project

Nevada Gold Mine

Au Project


World Class Gold Project

Au Project

M&A Project



World Class Gold Project

The World Class Gold Project is located in the Democratic Repulic of Congo.

Piran Mining assisted in an Optimised Feasibility Study and the Implementation of engineering change of management

World Class Gold Project

In 2011 Piran commenced work on the Feasibility Study of the World Class Gold Project located in NE DRC.

Due to the client being located overseas Piran acted on their behalf to manage the mining aspects of the study, including;
Materials handling, ventilation, surface infrastructure, mine services as well as mine design and schedule optimisation. 

Following approval to commence construction Piran moved into assisting the client in the optimisation and implementation phases. 

This involved a number of activities, including managing the tendering process for the underground development and the shaft sinking contract. 

During design of the shaft and related materials handlings system Piran was entrenched with the design team in Sth Africa acting as client rep. 

In 2016 Piran undertook a number of mentoring visits to provide a seamless handover of the respective areas to the site team.  


Deep Level Nickel Sulphide Project

The Deep Level Nickel Sulphide Project is located in Western Australia.

Piran Mining assisted Western Areas in a feasibility study and in the implementation of the shaft and site establishment.

Deep Level Nickel Sulphide Project

Feasibility Study

Piran Mining was engaged to undertake the mining aspects of the feasibility and project management of the overall study. The completed feasibility confirmed a robust project that would include the development and installation of the main shaft to hoist from approx. 1km depth to the surface. The implementation of a hoisting shaft and related materials handling would mark the first shaft installed in Western Australia for more than 15 years. (Previously commissioned hoisting shaft being Telfer circa 2005)



Piran Mining assisted in the search for a suitable winder, headframe, and associated components and equipment in South Africa. This ultimately included the dismantling, engineering, refurbishment, and planned transport to Western Australia. In addition, new equipment was also built in South Africa to Australian standards where required. All of this work was completed without any lost-time injuries.


Goldrush Underground Mine Project

The Goldrush Underground Mine Project is located in Nevada (USA)

Piran Mining assisted in a Feasibility study

Underground Gold Project

Piran assisted the client with respect to all mining aspects of this extensive underground project.  Key features of this project was the complex geology and geotechnical environments. 

In addition, due to various environmental constraints the mine plan had to adopt a number of controls whilst still attempting to maximize value over the life of the project.  

Extensive schedule optimisation work was conducted by Piran using SOT™ in order to quantify the net value add from various scheduling scenario’s and the optimal mobile fleet profile.   

Piran complied the overall operating and capital cost estimates for the project that fed into the economic evaluation.   

Piran also facilitated the overall project risk assessment for the feasibility study.  


Australian Projects

International Projects

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